University of Greenwich Report + Support Privacy Notice

The Data Controller is:
The University of Greenwich Park Row
 London SE10 9AD Tel: 020 8331 8000

The Report and Support tool provides students, staff (including employees, secondees, consultants, contractors, and agency and casual workers), alumni, and third parties within University of Greenwich  ( UoG) reasonable control (such as suppliers or visitors to our premises) with a portal to report and also seek support in respect of issues of bullying, harassment, victimisation, abuse, assault, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, and other forms of unacceptable or threatening behaviour. Reports made by users of the Report and Support tool may be either:

(a) Anonymous: whereby no names or other information that could be used to identify the individual making the report are provided. UoG encourages individuals making an anonymous report not to include names or other information that could be used to identify a third party (such as the alleged perpetrator or witnesses). Nevertheless, we acknowledge that there may be circumstances in which it is appropriate to make an anonymous report containing such information; or 
(b) Named: (i.e. reporting with contact details): whereby the names and contact details of the individual making the report are included, in addition to names or other information which could be used to identify third parties. 
Please note that where you make a report through the Report and Support tool, UoG will usually only disclose information to its staff members and only on a ‘need to know’ basis. We will not generally take steps such as investigating the complaint, initiating disciplinary or other formal proceedings (including litigation) or passing information on to third parties in order to take the report further unless: (a) you have made a named report; and (b) you agree to this action. 
However, there are certain circumstances in which UoG may take steps such as those listed above even where an anonymous report is received (in which case action will be taken on a 'no names' basis); or you have made a named report but you do not wish to take your report further. This is usually where there are concerns for your safety or another person’s safety or where a criminal act or other seriously improper conduct is alleged to have taken place (or may be about to take place). 
Please also note that information relating to an individual's criminal convictions or past offences (including alleged offences) must not be included in any report. Any criminal convictions information or information relating to past offences/alleged offences included in a report will be removed before the report is processed. 

The University of Greenwich may process your personal data in the context of the Report and Support tool. The personal data may include the following:

Anonymous reports 
If an anonymous report is made, the Report and Support tool is set up so that we do not know who has made the report. UoG encourages any individual who wishes to make an anonymous report not to include names or other information that could be used to identify themselves or a third party. 
The main benefit to UoG of the anonymous reporting route is that it enables the data collected via this route to be analysed for the purposes of identifying patterns of various types of unacceptable behaviour across our institution. This allows us to target our efforts and resources effectively with a view to eliminating such behaviour. 
The main benefit to individuals of the anonymous report route is that it allows the privacy of the individual making the report (and others who would otherwise be identified) to be maintained, while at the same time, assisting UoG to reduce the type of behaviour complained of, with a view to reducing the likelihood of such behaviour continuing or recurring. 
 Please note, while reasonable efforts have been made to avoid individuals being identifiable via the anonymous reporting route, there is a possibility that certain information or combinations of information that you provide by this route my lead to you be directly or indirectly identifiable. 
Named reports 
If a named rather than an anonymous report is made, we may collect, use, store and transfer different kinds of personal data about the person making the report. This may include:
  • Your name, contact details and other basic information about you, such as your gender, your age, your department (where applicable) and/or staff or student ID number (where applicable); 
  • ‘Special categories of personal data’ about you. This may include information revealing your race or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade/student union membership, as well as information concerning your health, sex life and/or sexual orientation; 
  • Details concerning your experience of bullying, harassment, victimisation, abuse, assault, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, or other form of unacceptable or threatening behaviour; and 
  • Other information that is otherwise highly sensitive or private, to the extent such information is relevant to the report, but strictly excluding information relating to any individual's criminal convictions or past offences, including alleged offences (as stated above, the only processing of any criminal convictions or past offences information that will take place will be the removal of such information from the report, prior to it being further processed). 

We will also process the names or other identifiable information of other individuals who are involved in the issues reported (such as the alleged perpetrator, witnesses or other members of staff or students), together with other information falling within some or all of the above categories that relates to those individuals. The information referred to above may be collected by us at the point of reporting and/or may be inputted during the processing of a report by one of the Report and Support system administrators at UoG.

Retention periods of data are based on our Information & Records Retention Schedules, which can be viewed on our web pages and is subject to our safeguarding policy

We use several legal bases for processing the data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including: contract with the individual, public task, compliance with a legal obligation, consent, legitimate interests and vital interests. You can find out more information about this by looking at our Data Processing Activities Register.

We may share data about you in some instances with external bodies or organisations where this is required by law or otherwise authorised under Data Protection legislation. In the context of Report and Support tool we will share your data with Third Party Service Providers that help us provide the tool such as Culture Shift. This allows the Report and Support Tool to be made available you. The other types of organisations we may share data with include:
  • local authorities;
  • public health bodies;
  • the police or other appropriate investigative authorities with statutory powers;
  • other educational establishments;
  • professional bodies connected with the programmes the University runs;government departments or their agencies.

Some organisations we share data with on a regular basis include:
  • the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) - (See HESA data collection notice);
  • the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) - (the relevant data processing note can be viewed here);
  • the Department for Education and Teaching Regulation Agency;
  • the NHS;
  • the University of Greenwich Students’ Union, which you are automatically a member of unless you tell us that you don’t want to be (if so, please contact the Data Protection Officer and University Secretary – see below); (See GSU data collection notice).

You have rights as a Data Subject. You can see more information about those rights on our website. And read in conjunction with the Student Privacy Notice

We do very little automated computerised processing, but where we do you can view information about this on our website.

To contact Peter Garrod, the University of Greenwich Data Protection Officer and University Secretary, email:

Version 22/09/22, Vice-Chancellor’s Office

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