The SafeZone app allows you to raise Duress, First Aid and Help alerts for you and your community when on campus. The app is linked to the University’s Security team who are on call to help you 24/7.

The app is free and easy to use. It has four main functions:
  • For assistance with a physical or mental health crisis, press the green 'First Aid' button if you are unable to follow local procedure, and a member of the Security team will assist you.
  • Press the blue 'Help' button to connect to Security in a non-emergency situation, for example, if you are locked out of a building.
  • The red 'Emergency' button is for threatening situations when you are in immediate danger.
  • The yellow 'Wellbeing Assistance' feature ensures that you can prioritise your overall wellbeing by granting you convenient access to a range of resources, including: Access to Student Wellbeing Self-Referral Forms, Access to the Report + Support platform, Occupational Health, Spectrum.Life - Student Assistance Programme as well as other sources of support.
Additionally, you can utilise the 'Check-In' function through the app. Upon arriving on campus, you can "check-in" to share your location, and when you leave, you can "check out." This action doesn't trigger an alert but can be useful for letting others know your whereabouts, especially if you're working alone or during non-standard hours.

For added security, you can set up timed check-ins. An alert will be sent only if you fail to check out within the specified timeframe you've entered. To enable automatic check-ins and check-outs, navigate to Settings > Check-in Settings > Allow Automatic Check-in within the app.

Rest assured, your data is securely stored for 21 days, in compliance with SafeZone's Privacy Policy.

For more information about the SafeZone app, and to download the app please click here.

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